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The Great Cool Ranch
Dorito in the Sky

July 23, 2024

Henry Holt Books for Young Readers


A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection

An American Booksellers Association

Indies Introduce Selection

An American Booksellers Association

Kids Indie Next List Selection

"Brett’s quirky voice—a mix of self-conscious thoughts, Kid Condor mythology, and bro-isms (“You ready for some nuggs, bruh?”)—tempers this funny yet bruising narrative about one teen’s experience with grief and disordered eating in which debut author Galarza carefully touches on issues surrounding underage drinking, body dysmorphia, and internalized anti-fatness."

Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

Paleolithic Ruins Selfie_edited.jpg
Words about Me

Longtime Montessori educator Josh Galarza writes fiction and creative nonfiction, and is a multidisciplinary visual artist specializing in printmaking and book arts. His research centers around male gender performance, queer issues, body liberation and Chicano studies. Check out his young-adult debut, The Great Cool Ranch Dorito in the Skyout July 23, 2024 from Henry Holt & Co. (BYR).

Galarza earned his BA in English and BFA in art from the University of Nevada, Reno, where he later taught printmaking. He currently lives in Richmond, VA, where he teaches in the English Department at Virginia Commonwealth University while completing an MFA in creative writing. 


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